Simsu 1.2.1

A nice digital sudoku with extra help


  • Never-ending sudokus
  • Pencil mode for taking notes
  • You can check the sudoku anytime


  • No difficulty levels

Not bad

Sudokus may not be the trendiest pastimes anymore, but I'm sure lots of people are still hooked on them. If you're one of them, you can't miss this app.

Simsu is a simple, standalone sudoku app that lets you play your favorite game on your computer. You can control it with the mouse or the keyboard – which is far more intuitive, I can tell you. The game also features two solving tools: a pencil mode to take notes of possible numbers, and a pen mode to jot down the definitive number.

Simsu has a few advantages over the traditional paper sudoku: it lets you highlight all instances of a given number and check if the sudoku is right so far, as well as save the sudoku status to continue it later on – which may come handy in case you get stuck.

Whenever you start a new puzzle, you can select a few parameters: symmetry, algorithm and seed. On the downside, the program doesn't include different levels difficulty as you find on other sudoku clients.

Simsu enables you to play endless sudokus on your computer with a little extra help.



Simsu 1.2.1

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